We work in small, closely knit teams and often take unusal paths in order to achieve the targets we have set ourselves. We question, test and improve – always seeking the optimum solution.

An ITO Design colleague tests the ergonomic function of the backrest of an office chair prototype
ITO Design colleagues arrange several small models of a chair design
Three ITO Design colleagues work on optimizing an ergonomic backrest
An ITO Design colleague builds a chair prototype at a workbench
A wooden prototype of the ITO Design TeamUP office chair is being assembled
Work surface with mold for magnet disk, working utensils and empty coffee cups at ITO Design
An ITO Design colleague conducts a presentation at a team meeting
An ITO Design colleague works with a stencil for building a prototype
Sketches demonstrate the different possibilities of using a multifunctional ITO Design piece of office furniture


We are the professional team for the area of office furniture, particularly office chairs. Our 20 years of market experience allows us to develop a product without the briefing of a client. This independence allows completely new ideas and approaches, and usually ends in a new patent. This is basically how we proceed in other product areas, but here we start with the necessary market research. This means that here also we can distinguish our products from the competition with functional innovations and create a product with high added value.

In the development of our projects we use conventional as well as technically innovative methods. Initial ideas are quickly communicated internally with sketches or mini models, and with the aid of functional models we can use 3D print technology to examine the functional feasibility. A lot of the work is still done manually, however, because a perfect product is always the sum of precisely coordinated details. 3D modelling including the moving visualization of functional sequences is today the standard.

We work closely with engineers and designers in the technical realization at the end of each development. Our realistic approach throughout the whole design process ensures that this process runs smoothly and leads to a result that corresponds to our high quality standards.


There are designers who have an unmistakeable signature. You can tell from the designs who created them. We have a different intention: we work on a customer-oriented basis and respond to the respective market. And this gives rise to products that have a very differentiated aura. When we start a project, then we want it to result in a product that can do more than just function and look good. We want it to be a great seller. Because we know what the customers expect and what makes good design, this target does not remain merely a vision – we achieve it.


ITO Design is fortunate to work with clients all over the world, from designing unique solutions for young startups to decade long collaborations with some of the world’s leading companies.


We have established a strong reputation for good design, as proven by our award winning portfolio of products.


Since our foundation, we have registered more than 100 international patents. These developments give us and our customers both an economic and technical advantage as well as decisive competitive edges. Most of our patents are transferred to our clients during product development.