Industrial Design

For form, function and experience: We deliver a strong balance of creativity and technical expertise in our design. We work in small, closely knit teams to design beautiful products and furniture pieces, which in every case optimize functionality and the user experience.

An ITO Design colleague tests the ergonomic function of the backrest of an office chair prototype
ITO Design colleagues arrange several small models of a chair design
Three ITO Design colleagues work on optimizing an ergonomic backrest
An ITO Design colleague builds a chair prototype at a workbench
A wooden prototype of the ITO Design TeamUP office chair is being assembled
Work surface with mold for magnet disk, working utensils and empty coffee cups at ITO Design
An ITO Design colleague conducts a presentation at a team meeting
An ITO Design colleague works with a stencil for building a prototype
Sketches demonstrate the different possibilities of using a multifunctional ITO Design piece of office furniture

How do we get started? Sometimes clients approach us with a more or less certain idea about what they want. They then rely on us to translate their vision into a concrete approach. In many cases, however, we set our own ambitious goals and then present these projects to our clients. What ever the background may be – we approach every project with the same child-like enthusiasm, paired with a very grown-up understanding for technology.

Once we have settled for a project, we rely on four overlapping phases within our product development process in order to create something new:


In the beginning, there is a strong idea, typically focusing on functional design that will make the product useful and unique. Our first concepts are captured in sketches, drawings and small models that help to communicate our ideas to each other.


When the product concept is more concrete, we create 3D visuals. Photorealistic renderings and precise design models emerge in coordination with the production of prototypes, supporting our workflow during most project phases.


One of our strengths is our demand for realistic solutions, so we develop technical concepts that guarantee practicability. By testing the desired functions on several rough models, we constantly re-evaluate and optimize our approach.


After we have solved the challenges of our testing phase, we start to engineer the final product. Our broad technical knowledge helps us in perfecting looks and function, and we keep on fine-tuning until the outcome meets our high standards.

Awards & Accolades

Our work has been critically acclaimed and appreciated many times. We are proud when we receive awards after all the hard work and passion we put into developing a unique product.