ITO Design is a multinational industrial design studio with offices in Nürnberg, Germany and Cham, Switzerland. Founded in 1987 by Armin Sander, we have established a strong reputation for good design internationally, with a multinational team working across industries to design original and innovative product and furniture pieces.


The German ITO Design team in their office

Team Germany

Armin Sander

Phone +49 911 39335-0

Helga Schmausser-Tolle

Phone +49 911 39335-0

Martin Potrykus

Vice President, Industrial Designer
Phone +49 911 39335-37

Christopher Schmidt

Industrial Designer, Team Manager
Phone +49 911 39335-63

Uwe Greschuchna

Industrial Designer
Phone +49 911 39335-35

Markus Berenwinkel

Industrial Designer
Phone +49 911 39335-60

Joel Velasquez

Industrial Designer
Phone +49 911 39335-62

Cyrille Charier

Industrial Designer
Phone +49 911 39335-64

Hiroyuki Morita

Industrial Designer
Phone +49 911 39335-65

The Swiss ITO Design team in their office

Team Switzerland

Anja Sander

Chief Executive Officer
Phone +41 41 781 45 65

Luca Mazzon

Industrial Designer
Phone +41 41 781 45 65

Jonathan Hotz

Industrial Designer
Phone +41 41 781 45 65

Kyeni Mbiti

Industrial Designer
Phone +41 41 781 45 65


Colorful ITO Design children’s toy for Carrera with lanes and futuristic toy cars, created in 1987

1987 · Strax · Children’s toy for Carrera, Germany

White ITO Design tool measuring mashine for Kennametal on blue ground, created in 1987

1987 · Tool measuring machine for Kennametal, Germany

Yellow Toy digger by ITO Design for Playmobil, created in 1987, with construction worker figurine

1987 · Children’s toy for Playmobil, Germany

Elegant black-and-white tobacco pipe by ITO Design for Vauen, created in 1989, on black slate pieces

1989 · Tobacco pipe for Vauen, Germany

Black-red-and-white World Champion soccer shoe by ITO Design for Adidas, designed in 1990

1990 · World Champion · Soccer shoe for Adidas, Germany

Computer unit with keyboard and mouse by ITO Design for Kyocera, designed in 1991

1991 · Computer unit for Kyocera, Japan

ITO Design in-house study city cityscooter with attached aluminium suitcase, created in 1992

1992 · Cityscooter · In-house Study

ITO Design dental unit for Ritter in blue and light grey, created in 1992

1992 · Dental unit for Ritter, Germany

Gold-colored ITO Design Motorroller for Hercules, created in 1993

1993 · Motorized scooter for Hercules, Germany

Tea set No 1 for ITO Originals, made of black-brown ceramics and metal, created in 1993

1993 · No 1 · Tea set for ITO Originals, Germany

Family area in bright pink for the Intercity train of Deutsche Bahn by ITO Design, created in 1994

1994 · Intercity family area for Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Dark blue Gas meter for Dräger Germany by ITO Design, created in 1994

1994 · Gas meter for Dräger, Germany

Geometric lamp for trains of Deutsche Bahn, created in 1995

1995 · Lamp for Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Flash unit for Metz by ITO Design, created in 1995

1995 · Flash for Metz, Germany

Telephone Tronn in two shades of grey for Heibl by ITO Design, created in 1996

1996 · Tronn · Telephone for Heibl, Germany

Three Moll Gamino children’s desk chairs by ITO Design with colorful upholstery

1996 · Gamino · Children’s desk chair for Moll, Germany

Grey-green TV Varioline for Metz by ITO Design, created in 1997

1997 · Varioline · TV for Metz, Germany

Black telephone for Elmeg by ITO Design, created in 2000

2000 · Telephone for Elmeg, Germany

Minimalistic white washbasins for Villeroy & Boch by ITO Design, created in 2001

2001 · Washbasin for Villeroy & Boch, Germany

From the tobacco pipe to shovel diggers for children, tool measuring machines and TVs, to highly complex dental workstations – over the last thirty years we have gathered a lot of experience in product development, engaging intensively in a wide range of industries. To streamline our process, over the course of time we were faced with the question of specialization. We chose to place the focus of our design talent on products that offer us scope for technical innovations as well as the opportunity for patentable developments. With our first product in the office chair sector, the Tensa for König+Neurath in 1998, we made a spontaneous breakthrough in this segment. To this day we still see this as our focus.